Friday, February 8, 2013

.some days.

You know those days where you feel like you just can't catch up, like the WHOLE day from start to finish.  Well I had one of "those" days on Wednesday. It probably had something to do with my two year old being...well a two year old.  In fact it had everything to do with that.  I might have silently prayed for patience more times then I can count, and somehow failed miserably every time Finn whined, threw a tantrum, or just plain got into mischief.  I'm ashamed to say I was probably the worst version of myself for the majority of the day.  I had let the stress of life get to me and overwhelm my ability to cope.  I called Roy later in the evening nearly in tears as I had just sent Finn to another time out, this time in his crib (this is the ultimate time out corner...when he's pushed me to my limits, and we both need a little space).  I told him how bad of a parent I had been that day, and that I had yelled at our son in frustration and anger multiple times.  He tried to console my feelings of inadequacy, but the damage was done for the day.  I told Finn, as I was laying him down for bed, that I loved him and that I would try again the next day to be a better momma, and hopefully he would try to be better too.  Yesterday, we played, and danced, and goofed off...having a much better day even with whines and tantrums thrown in.  He received lots of attention from me, and I realized how much I enjoyed playing with him.  It was wonderful after the day we had before.
I love my kids, even on the days I want to put Finn on the corner and sell him.  I know we are both learning through this adventure, and hopefully we will have patience for each other along the way.


Hayley said...

my yesterday was your wednesday. and it wasn't even that mikey was bad, it was just that i was tired and not feeling good, very sore in my abdominal region. i was impatient, i had low energy, i cried. i yelled at garrett through walls. (you call in tears, i focus anger on him... my poor husband.) i woke up this morning bound and determined to have a better day, too. we can do this!!!

Helen Sullivan said...

What a sweet-faced little boy that Finn is!