Wednesday, December 5, 2012

.welcome december.

We have officially welcomed in December this week!  I love this time of year, even though it is full of so much that I barely have time to breath or think for that matter.  I decided that this week it was now or never on getting a tree and all the other decorations up.  My body has been feeling more tired then usual (I guess that's a side effect of changing food into a person), so I mustered up the small amount of motivation and hauled the boys out to pick out our tree.  We chose to place the tree strategically between the two couches as to make it less accessible to curious little boys, but we knew there was really nothing we could do to deter that Finn of ours.  He's already discovered the few ornaments that we left within reach for him, and went head first off the couch into the tree leaving a void in the boughs of the pine for all to see.

To say that he is stoked about the tree is an understatement!
Roy has been fighting a bug of some sort since Thursday, but we felt like we had dodged a bullet by Saturday.  But surprise, he woke up Sunday with a high fever and feeling downright miserable.  So I flew solo at church.  To sum it up...EXHAUSTING!  Wrangling a 22 month old alone, while giantly pregnant, will test your stamina, and not something I want to do again anytime soon.  Thankfully, by Monday morning Roy's fever had burned itself out, just in time for the monthly changing of the sheets!

Despite being tired, I have stepped up my exercise trying to summon all my extra energy my body can spare.  It does seem to have helped out this week, giving my days a little bonus of endorphins to get me through Finn's escapades of milk spitting, ornament breaking, and all around busy-ness.
(he was so proud to pose for this picture documenting his milk spitting...crazy kid)
My nesting is tapering off, but sneaking in under the radar...
little hats for little girl...who am I?


Helen Sullivan said...

You are amazing Beth. I love your little hats.

Kay said...

Oh my Beth! I can not wait to see this little girl in her new hats! You're almost there. Keep it up. :)