Saturday, December 1, 2012

.the case of the missing duck.

Finn's cuddle blanket of choice is a soft yellow duck that looks something like this-
It's his go to for instant comfort and is a never fail for falling asleep.  We started with one, but after a sick episode we realized how valuable a second would be in cases where the original had to be cleaned.  Unfortunately, Finn can distinguish between the original and it's replacement, but we have never had a problem with the first ducky.  That is until this past Thursday.  I was watching our neighbor friend for the day so to say I was more distracted then usual would be an understatement.  Ducky was last seen on the couch and has since been spirited away to some secret corner of our small house.  Roy and I have implemented search after search in hopes of finding where an active toddler would have deposited it, but have come up empty handed.  Every night since, as we fight through the crying of a toddler without his security blanket, I keep thinking, "we live in such a small space, it's got to be around here."  Roy has determined, after a 5:30 wake up call, that today he was making a last ditch effort to find ducky.  For all our sakes I hope he finds him!

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Kay said...

Maybe a blessing in disguise. When Jack lost his last pacifier, we went through similar withdrawal symptoms, but it turned out for the best.