Sunday, September 2, 2012

.saturdays can be long days.

Friday we received our allotment of peaches for the season.  These peaches are DIVINE...seriously the best peaches I've ever had.  I buy a bushel every year from a friend of my mom's and then set to work preserving all the goodness.  I'm a new hand at all this canning business, so I'm still learning the ropes as it were.  My mom is an old pro, so I have felt in good hands through the years.  This time around I undertook the whole process myself.   After nearly 12 hours of standing in various positions, not to mention being 21 weeks prego, I'm beat.  Roy helped, but kept saying, "this takes a lot of work, why don't you just buy store bought peaches."  To this comment all I said was, "I know it takes a lot of work, but there is something that feels so good about putting your own food away for the winter."  SO even though I'm tired and soar, I feel oh so good!  Through the whole day Finn was a good little soul and entertained himself  (miracle) without too much fuss.  Of course there were intermittent times of wrestling daddy.

Here is a new move he's trying out on daddy

a rare capture of the "cheese".  mostly I just love how he's trying to block the camera with his pudge of a hand.

Only a third of the days canning.  I also tried my hand at a vanilla peach syrup that we tried on our waffles this morning...not too shabby!
After our crazy day, eggs were all I could muster up for dinner.  And while Roy put Finn down for the night, I opened up all the windows to let in the glorious smell and sound of the rain as it pounded outside.  I enjoyed the silence and a good book (since that is what rainy weather is the best for).  The only bad thing was Finn waking at the crack of dawn today for no apparent reason.  Bring on Sunday!

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