Thursday, September 29, 2011

.autumn harvest, and other bid-nez.

a small portion of the goods canned
I feel like I've been running. running. running for the past few days, and have just now had a moment to breathe.  In an effort to domesticate myself, I have been gathering and canning fruit for the coming months.  Growing up, I always loved having canned fruit to indulge in, even in winter.  Mom would delegate certain days for canning and employ as many kids as she could to help.  Mom, how did you do it??? Seriously, how did you do it.  It's a ton of work that is hot a laborousom, and if you have young kids in the mix...forget about getting it done on any schedule.  Thankfully, my sisters were there to keep it fun, and ultimately I feel so good looking at all that deliciousness in my cupboards.
On top of canning, life is just plain BUSY!  It feels like some days are just survival mode where there is no time for extras like eating, showering, or cleaning.  I laugh at myself a bit, because I think..."hunny you've got 1 child...count em...1, and you don't work, do you think it gets any easier??? it won't, so you need to learn how to deal with life, or you're not going to make it." 
At least today I feel like I've collected myself a bit and have been able to put some order back into my life...and that feels wonderful.  So I'm going to sit and catch my breathe, and get ready for the next wave of life.


Kay said...

I always thought when they learn to go to the bathroom by themselves than life actually does get easier - mothering wise.

Katey said...

Wowsers, those peaches look incredible!!!