Thursday, September 15, 2011

.what's so great about 8.

"pistol pete" Finn,
yes that is drool, bibs have become a constant.
We are absolutely loving life at 8 months with you!  You are such an active kid, that is completely curious about the world around you.  It seems that you have finally discovered animals, and boy kid, you love those animals.  Just this morning over at the Meltons you were squealing with delight over Jupiter the Space donkey.  Even a few licks and wacks to the head from his wagging tail, didn't diminish your excitement. 
don't let the face fool love it...promise
You also get pretty stoked about your dad.  But who wouldn't with all the play time and energy dad brings.  He is greeted everyday with a bright smile and enthusiastic kicks and squirms.  He of course can't get enough of you.
You are sitting like a pro, but you also like to explore by rolling around the floor, and going after favorite toys which include: tags on your stuffed animals, books, binks...just for chewing mostly, remotes, and of course our cell can spot those a mile away.
You LOVE solid food, and always want to taste what's going into our mouths.  You eat almost anything, but you especially enjoy yogurt and green beans.  And now that you eat 3 solid meals a day on top of nursing you are actually starting to gain and grow.  It seems like this past week you have suddenly decided to gain some elevation.  We have had to adjust you walker to a higher setting, and have switched the harness in the running stroller to the next level.
it might be just me, but I think these slipper socks are about the cutest
thing ever!
My favorite things that you do right now: high pitched squeals, clapping, playing with my hair, sing to yourself in the morning, raspberries-ALL THE TIME, and just the fact that you're legs seem to be in a constant state of motion.
Love you little Finn!!


Evans Family said...

He is so cute! I can't believe he is already 8 months. Way to go on gaining weight and height. And the slipper socks...dang cute. Did you make them?

Hayley said...

oh, i love the slipper socks... almost bought some for mikey today!

finn is too cute, i can't get over it. what a sweet little guy! this is such a fun stage.

before you know it, you'll be celebrating his birthday!

Kay said...

Great pics Beth. He's changing all the time!

Courtney said...

Those slipper socks are about the cutest thing ever!! And on such a darn cute kid!