Saturday, May 21, 2011


I love weekends! I love them when there busy, and I love them when there empty. It was especially nice to have Roy around today because Finn and I struggled in the sleep department last night. We've had a bit of a cold making the rounds, and Finn is in the middle of his fever day...that bites. He is sleeping it off right now and I'm listening to his congested snores...everything is cute when youre a baby!
Speaking of that man of mine...he seems to be constantly on the go. Even right now as I type he is mowing lawns earning some extra mula for his little fam. But if he's not working he is busy being young men's pres, and when he's not doing church stuff he's doing condo biz, which I have to admit I'm almost done with. We get calls at all hours of the night ( everything happens at night ), that only Roy can help with, even though we hired a management company to deal with all the calls. Getting our own house is getting higher on my priorities everyday. Our precious hours with him come at a high price. I know he is trying to find a balance, and I'm very proud of all his hard work he puts in for not only us, but others. I just wish others wouldn't take advantage of his service. He'll never say " no", but maybe I should.
Whoa bad additude! Sorry about that, I think it's been building up for some time. We are allowed to vent our frustrations every once in awhile right?
Saturdays....i guess I love them so much because I get to wake up and have Roy there. Not even Sunday's are good for that.


Hayley said...

i can't say i know what you mean about roy being gone so much, but i do know that you've been a lot more patient than i would be. :)

roy is a good man. too bad everyone else knows it, too.

Kay said...

totally normal to feel that way. things will get better beth. i know when it seems like you've reached your breaking point, there's usually a way out. i'm proud of roy for being such a hard worker for his family (and everyone else), but you'd be justified completely in puting your foot down.