Tuesday, May 31, 2011

.the grab bag.

I have just a bunch of randomness to share from our life this past week. It has been a little bit of a fitful day seeing as Finn's naps have been some kind of crazy since this weekend. He pretty much slept 2 hours during the whole day yesterday, and cried whenever we tried to put him down. I tried to let him cry himself to sleep, but after many hours of trying to get him to sleep it was a hopeless cause. This sleep training stuff is unpleasant work (he's crying himself out as I type). I decided I needed to get serious about Finn getting himself to sleep instead of me nursing him to sleep. I'm just waiting for these crying days to pay off.
I often find myself feeling like I'm going to miss everything about my sweet baby boy. I was feeding him today, and wanted to stop time so badly. There is a part of me that doesn't want him to get any bigger, or change anymore. I just feel like this part of his life is slipping aways so quickly, and it makes me feel very melancholy some moments. But then there are other moments that I get so excited thinking about his future and seeing all his "firsts". I've started creating a list of all the things I want to do with our children. Things that I or Roy did as children, and new creative things I've read or heard about. What a crazy fun adventure being parents is going to be, and I look forward to it with great happiness!
We had a great LONG weekend...we don't get nearly as many of those as we would like. We spent Monday hiking and eating with family. My little brother Sean just finished his Military summer training and was able to spend the whole day with us. He selflessly gave us his time helping find a new lap top for Roy and tweaking our desk top at home. What an awesome brother I have.
Birds have moved into our carport. I had know idea they were there, but Roy finally pointed it out to me. He did not take kindly to our new neighbor as it was streaking his car constantly. Sure enough the nest had 5 eggs, and I didn't have the heart to move it. I told Roy, "that's like 5 baby Finn's". And wouldn't you know one day later 3 of those eggs hatched. We will wait until those babies are grown before we move that nest.
Well Finn finally gave into sleep so I'll close this post just by saying how much I love my family, my country, and my life!


ANG said...

how cool to have baby robins in your car port. Tell ROy it won't be long and they will be gone - leaving the nest (like baby Finn someday)

Kay said...

love the pics of the baby birds. how often do you get to see that happen. it's worth the messy car! also, i cried today when cleaning out the boys backpacks from there last day of school. how time flies.