Thursday, May 5, 2011

.I might just die.

Went out for our morning run this morning, and to be honest I probably could have walked faster. we lapped around the park a few times, and Finn was just a cooing away. On the last lap I checked on him and he was out like a light. He was all limp and peaceful. I didn't think this kid could get any cuter, but I was wrong. I hurried home so that I could document his cuteness, but wouldn't you know he woke up as I was getting the camera. He's still ridiculously cute!

Also on our run this morning we saw a guy flying a kite. I tried to remember the last time i flew a's been a really long time.

We also checked out the ducks in the canal. The little ones are just starting to swim around, and I think it's one of the cutest things besides my sleeping son.

Good morning run!


garrett said...

He looks great in your chariot! :) I flew a kit a week ago. It was awesome. Can't wait to go kite flying with Mikey and Finn! ...not that I want them to suddenly be 5 or anything. They can stay little for a while longer.

Colette said...

He is pretty adorable. Remember when you, Marianne and I flew a kite at Adam's Park? Or should I say, ran around the park just so the kite would fly? That was a fun summer!