Wednesday, April 6, 2011

.the living is easy.

As a parent you make up all kinds of strange songs to sing to your baby. Most of the time these songs have repetative, uncreative lyrics like, "you are so cute" or "we love you", and the melody is often times not truly catchy...even annoying at times. If you're a parent you know what I mean. I catch myself often singing songs that I would hide my head in shame if I knew anyone else was listening. But if it's just me and Finn, those ridiculous diddies will come out in full force just to buy a smile from my boy. Roy is not ammune to these songs either, and in fact, I have to give Roy credit in the creative department. Just the other day I caught Roy singing the following:
"Thunder thighs, and the Finn is living easy"

Of course the real lyrics are "summertime, and the living is easy", but if fit so well that we are now constantly singing out that phrase.

Poor Finn, I hope we don't give him a complex~


ANG said...

With legs like that he's got to expect some teasing. Oh....he's sweet.

Krista Eger said...

LOL that is hilarious! I love it! I called Nate Chubs and Chubby (yes that was his nickname) until he started moving like crazy all over the house. Walking, dancing, running, climbing, etc. His thunder thighs and sweet little rolls just melted day I woke up and realized he wasn't my Chubby anymore so I started calling him Bubby. And that has stuck. Along with the silly songs you sing you will come up with a bagillion nicknames (if you're like me). Seriously, because I feel like it, here is a list of things Nate gets called: Nater potater, potato head, nate potate, natey potatey, nater tot, buggy, buggy, bugsy, buggity boo (yeah that devolved from the original chubby turning into bubby and it turned into buggity boo....), bub, you get my point. Oddly enough Audrey only has a couple. Just Buggy girl, baby girl, beautiful girl, pretty girl, Audrey they all have girl in them. hahaha!

Hayley said...

oh the songs! when mikey was a newborn and screamed in the car - the only way i could get him to stop was if i was sitting next to him and singing. and i have a terrible voice. but i sang the most ridiculous songs!

i love his thighs - the living must be good.

Amanda said...

That is too cute! Also funny because it reminds me that "Summertime" was the song my mom always sang to me when I was little.