Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Long weekends = Good Things

It seems like too long since I have had a long weekend...and I'm sure it has been. This weekend was relaxing and productive, two of my favorite things.

Saturday was jam packed with all things Saturday....mostly cleaning in my case...it was Fabulous! I love having a clean house it always puts me at ease, I can never relax when it's a mess. We are participating in a yard sale next week so the cleaning frenzy included my family's attic. This black whole held objects from my past that I had even forgotten I had. We found such treasures as a telescope, my old laptop, countless books, Beatles poster, and all my old college notebooks (sure glad I kept those). Needless to say we found a lot of junk to sell and throw away. I did however come across my forgotten $500 knife set, pretty sure I'm siked about that!

Sunday of course I had to give a talk...phhhhfff. All the y/w presidency spoke about a value and I settled on Choice and Accountability. It went OK, but I'm totally stoked that it's over. After board meeting on Sunday it was just fabulous to sit back and enjoy.

Monday, I started by sleeping in until 6:30 (can you taste the sarcasm). Went and picked up some plants to throw in the ground, (thanks to my mom for her invaluable talent for all things plant related) and proceeded to fill our poor barren piece of land with beauty. After getting ourselves good and dirty we made our way over to my parents to BBQ the night away. While there finalized the details of the sisters' epic relay in September. Started getting nervous. Went directly home and went for a run. Hopefully I won't be so pathetic in September.

Today....feeling extremely tired and exhausted, and trying to remember what this past weekend felt like again. I already want another one!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Apparently when you've been sick for 2 months straight you have mono...yes folks we finally have an answer. We went back to the dr. (a new...more competent one) because it had got to the point where Roy wasn't sleeping at night because of his sever headaches and soar throat. The Dr. listened to Roy's entire sum up of the last two months and pretty much gave us the straight answer of, " I think he has Mono, lets do a test". Conclusion, Roy has mono! I have two feelings about this. I'm happy because we finally know what he has. I'm sad and afraid because this is a long drawn out virus and he apparently will always carry it which means it could flare up anytime. We must also be very careful about his spleen..no contact sports for awhile, which means no biking . And whose to say I haven't, in the process of this whole finding out what Roy has, picked up Mono as well. Only time will tell. I guess I really am just relieved that we know what we're dealing with and that with 2 shots in the butt, his headache is taken care of.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Do you see the light?

Update on sick Roy...he's still sick...he has been sick for just over a week now, and as was previously posted we didn't get jack from the Dr. So we have just been dealing this past week. Lots of sleep, lots of water, but not much food as it hurts too much to eat. Yesterday Roy had me feel the sides of his neck and on the left side there was this horrible lumpy bump. I don't need to tell you the thoughts and images that entered my head at that moment, but they weren't good. However at church our friend Prett, who is going to school to be a nurse, put my mind at ease and said that Roy's lymph nodes were just swollen and that was normal for someone who has been as sick as Roy. He thinks Roy might have Thrush and him and his cute wife brought us a load of stuff after church to help Roy back from the dead. They are awesome! Roy is hopefully on his way out despite the fact that he called this morning and said I needed to stop giving him drugs because he felt like he was on another planet. So memo to self no more echinacea for Roy, it doesn't agree with him.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I love this women! She's pretty dang amazing!!

Friday, May 8, 2009


My desk contains nothing of significance to me really... I mean I have a far side comic taped to my hard drive because it's one of my favorites of all time, but that is really it. I should bring some pictures from home, but I don't really have any room the way my desk is set up.

yes that's Jill back there throwing me some love...I could really qualify her as an adornment to my desk. I love working with that girl!
That was until I acquired this lil' beauty!

I've named him Fuentes...don't ask why, that's just how I roll. Fuentes was given to my by this kid named Roy who kinda likes me. He gave me Fuentes the cactus because in his words "Flower's are expensive, and we're poor. Because flower's are typical and boring, not to mention predictable. And because I found $10 while cleaning today and all the flowers were $15." To be honest I love my little cactus, it's exactly what my desk needed. That boy's pretty good at knowing what I like...I think I'll keep him!

Even if he throws pine cones at me!

Ode to Jude

You know those people in your life that know pretty much everything about you, your goods, your bads, your hopes, your fears. The person that knows your weird and strange and loves you despite or maybe because your different. Well one of those people for me is JUDE. Who's Jude you ask? She lived in my neighborhood growing up and at one time I couldn't stand her and she I. We avoided each other like the plague, but all that changed when she my mysteriously invited me over to play while I was riding around the block. We have been like sisters ever since despite where life has taken us. She taught me how to wrestle with the best of them. We shared a fondness for all things Beatles for awhile, and also taught me how to run fast. But that happens when you push people in wonderful fresh mud in new shoes, suddenly the motivation to run faster than the high schools track star exceeded even my abilities. I will always look back on my childhood with fond memories of Jude. We don't get to talk as often as we would like, but when we do, it's like no time has passed. She is pretty stink'n amazing and I'm glad that she claims me as a friend despite what she knows about me.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Sick and Tired

Coming out of this weekend I'm sad to report that Roy is sharing a lot of time with the bed seeing as he has been taken down by something nasty. He took his allotted run on Saturday night and felt great (all except the rolling his ankle part). I should have been suspicious when he slept in late on Sunday morning and kept saying "I have no energy". All through church he informed me that he felt "weird". To me weird means nothing and I wasn't concerned. I attribute this poor description of how he felt to the fact that Roy is rarely sick. In fact even on the rare occasion that Roy is sick I never fuss too much as that tends to make him even more irritable. I take the approach that if something is wrong....Roy will let me know. Well he let me know by sleeping all day after church and finally letting me take his temperature, which was over 100. I woke up this morning to Roy huddled within inches of me shivering but burning up to the touch. He joked that he felt like he was going though menopause with all his hot and cold flashes. No worries though, Roy went to the Dr. today who thought that maybe Roy had picked up something from me, and when Roy told him I've never had cold soars he questioned Roy's Fidelity. Nice!, we paid the Dr. who can't really figure out what he has and has been watching too much House. They swabbed his throat really good and we will see if any of the tests can tell us anything. Mostly I just hate seeing Roy laid out like he's in the 13th round of a boxing match!