Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday Musings

Slept restlessly last night as I'm still fighting a pinched nerve in the ol' back, but woke up warm and content next to sweets. Mornings bring such clarity and peace into the cool basement of #26 La Vista and I love it. I love taking in those moments before the day begins to unravel.

Today I'm wanting confidence. At times I sense it, at other times I struggle, but line upon line right. Ran to Cafe' Rio for lunch today an hour later I returned to work to indulge in my Salad only to find I didn't grab any utensils. Ended up eating my salad with a spoon that I had brought for my yogurt. I would say it takes confidence, as well as skill to eat a salad with a spoon. Looking forward to hanging out with some awesome girls tonight and talking about family history. Don't know what to make for dinner with little or no time, but I'm not worrying.

Mostly I'm thinking about last night while sweets and I laid in bed re-hashing the day's events which included: getting our first ever business licence, helping the scout's arduously pass off a ten mile bike ride, baking fresh bread for young women's and the such. I also shared a realization that, lets just say, motivated and inspired me in such a way that I can't describe, but which sweets picked up in the stillness of the dark room. I love that he can sense things even when they can't be said.

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Amy and Micheal said...

You want to see eating with a spoon talent? Micheal ate everything with a spoon. Everything!! I'm loving your blog posts, Beth! They are so uplifting and insightful. Thanks.