Tuesday, February 25, 2014


The end of last week was rough.  Finn has been potty training for our second go around, and he seems to go in spurts where he does really well, and then completely resorts back to being lazy and not caring.  We have tried all sorts of positive and negative consequences seemingly getting no where.  I was beginning to feel like it might not happen at all.  On top of the frustrating moments of getting a toddler out of diapers, I'm getting less and less sleep with this pregnancy.  Baby has wedged its heel in under my right ribs, and it takes laying on my back to relieve the pain.  Unfortunately, sleeping on the back causes other pains altogether (I seem to have a lot more contractions on my back).  I suppose that is a perfect storm for my short temper, and annoyance.  I was also trying to get the taxes done this week too, and that just added to the stress of it all.  So I guess looking back, I can see where these emotions where stemming from.  My mom, in her kindness and wisdom, suggested we get ourselves to the Temple.  We arranged to go Saturday night, but the whole day leading up to it was terrible.  Roy and I were equally annoyed with each other, and we were short with the kids.  The tension was palpable the whole day!  We were running late to my parents which made my frustration with Roy even more acute, but being in the Temple was just what we needed.  You really can't hold onto your anger and frustration if you open your heart to the spirit.  Sitting together in the Celestial room with Roy, it was as if the whole day and all of it's emotions had never existed.  It was so wonderful to sit and let go of all the unhappy things we had let take over our day.
That seemed to turn the rest of the weekend around, we found that Finn's toys are a great motivational tool for staying dry.  If he has an accident then we take one of his toys and put it into time out and he can only get it back if he stays dry the rest of the day.  It took 2 days and he has been dry ever since without a fuss or a fight.  Just when I felt like there was no hope for Finn, suddenly things have turned around and become a positive learning experience for us both.
I'm so grateful for those glimmers of hope and light when everything seems to be failing or falling down all around us.  It may be just a moment of peace or reprieve with your best friend after a terrible day, or finding a motivational tool for your potty training toddler, but those moments can lift your heart and make the weight just a little lighter.

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