Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I often wonder if I'm the only that thinks time is FLYING by way too fast.  I went back and read your birth story Meg, and it feels like it was such a short time ago.  But here we are at 9 months, and you have grown so much!  This past month you have mastered your crawl and get around quite quickly.  It scares me sometimes when I turn around in the kitchen, and you have silently crawled up right behind me.  Besides crawling, you love to pull yourself to standing on anything that is within arms length (i.e. couches, piano bench, train table, any person sitting or lying on the ground).  You have even started taking very timid steps around these objects, so I don't imagine it will be too long before you are walking in some form or another.
You have the sweetest little jabbers that just melt our hears, and makes brother laugh.  You have really latched onto Dadadadadad, and say it quite often with loud excitement.  It mirrors your love of daddy I guess because he's the one, besides Finn, that gets you the most excited.  I have to assume because he feeds your adrenaline need.  You especially love to be put on the couch and roll off over and over again.  It doesn't matter if you go head, feet, or back first, it all brings contented giggles and big smiles.  Another favorite game is clapping your hands, and the other day you discovered that if you slap your thighs you get a similar clapping sound.  Just try and imagine you giving your sweet thigh rolls a giggly slap...we both got a smile out of your discovery!
Mommy just wants to kiss on your sweet baby skin all day.  There is something completely irresistible about baby it feels and smells is absolutely the sweetest thing in the world.
Besides growing, eating, and sleeping, we just love being around our sweet little girl.  You make us all so incredibly happy, and we LOVE you!
 doing what you like to do best lately...standing like a big kid!
 just take in those thighs...all sweetness
 clapping with mommy

you were very interested in the camera this time around, and had to give the strap a little taste.

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