Wednesday, October 16, 2013

.a little fall & other BIG things.

October has been a slow month on the ol' blog, but that in no way reflects what has been going on.  First things first, and it's a bit of a doozie-
Yes...big...BiG...BIG surprise (I can't emphasize that enough), baby #3 is on the way due sometime around May 6th.  Don't ask me if I'm excited, because I'm not there yet, and probably wont be for awhile.  The timing seems like it couldn't be any worse, but all I can say is this little one must need to be here, and there is some peace in that.  We thought we would have a little more time to save enough for a house before we were totally busting at the seams, but it will have to wait for a bit longer.   It will probably be the last little Hoffman, and I'm ok with that...especially with being sick, tired, and sore during pregnancy.  I have a lot of mixed emotions about the whole thing that I won't bother getting into, but it's definitely going to be an adventure.

As far as my favorite time of year goes, October has been such a breath of fresh air amidst all the emotional turbulence.  We have been watching the orange gourds in the garden grow and grow with much anticipation.  Unfortunately, someone decided to recently come in and take all eight bulbous pumpkins for their own.  So we will be making a trip to the local patch to procure some new ones this week.

Sunday we celebrated Roy's release from Young Men's president with an afternoon drive up the canyon, a feat we could never have done before as he was usually occupied on Sunday's until later in the evening.  The mountains were cool and damp with low hanging clouds, which made the fall colors seem even more vibrant.
 Finn was more then happy to be climbing up and over all the rocks.
 I love FALL!
Yes, we took a picture with a huge granite rock behind us...good call.

Other fun things we have managed to fit in these past few weeks.
-taking advantage of a free invite to another pumpkin patch, and enjoying a family hayride.
-seeing lots of tractors
-digging through grain for candy...non chocolate of course
-seeing a real life fire truck when we went to grandma Caroline's for conference
little boy heaven
-lots of good walks to feed the ducks (and thanks to good friends for taking Finn while she walks her dog)
Other things that we will be doing before the end of the month...a zoo trip with cousins, lunch up Mill creek to collect leaves, pumpkin carving, scary movie night & dinner, family Halloween party, Ward Halloween Carnival, and of course trick or treating.  It's going to be a full month even if this momma is sick and exhausted all day.


Colette said...

I may not have much advise or words or to make it all better - but if it helps at all, I am still super excited to see you in December!! And I miss exploring Logan Canyon with you in the Fall. It is SOOO beautiful!

Kim said...

Wow, big news at the Hoffman household. It's exciting in an anxiety-driven, nerve wracking sort of way. But the comfort in knowing that you're really not in control and can handle all you've been given (and can I just say that there are many worse things than being "cursed" with babies ) :)--can bring great confidence!