Sunday, January 6, 2013

.what did I do with one.

As Roy was out doing the grocery shopping last night taking the crazy little man with him, I wondered what I did with just one baby to take care of.  Seriously, I had all this free time to clean the kitchen, get the laundry going, and sweep and vacuum the floors even with a 45 min feeding period thrown in.  I remember feeling so overwhelmed and consumed with just one sleeping baby, and now it seems like a piece of cake...isn't that strange?
There is some adjustment with having two now, like how to keep a curious and mischievous toddler occupied and out of everything he knows he's not supposed to be in while nursing little miss (right now  I've been utilizing a little too much Curious George).  Or how to keep the house functioning when all you want to do is sleep, play trains, and stare at Meg all day.  But somehow, it all feels WAY less overwhelming then it did with Finn.  I remember how hard it felt just to get ready for the day with Finn.  Or how scared I felt about everything from his sneezes, to his eating every hour sometimes.  I was a mess of hormonal fears!
I still worry about things with number two, but I'm way less stressed about how it's all supposed to be going and just trying to enjoy it more.  So in a lot of ways having little miss Meg joining our ranks has been a easier transition.  Of course I have yet to leave the house with just me and the two kiddos, but we will work up to that eventually.  Right now I'm just happy to be able to get us all dressed and make it through our days together!


Hayley said...

this post gives me hope ;) i think that while you've got 2 now, you're used to dealing with the one & you're figuring out that the baby is a lot of remembering... with less stress. i hope to feel that way, too. mikey made me such a nervous wreck. about everything. i still struggle with how to get dressed :)glad this transition isn't causing too much trouble!

Christy said...

You'll have to tell me your secret because I am dying over here with 2!