Monday, January 14, 2013

.just in case there was any delusions.

Ha, I've been feeling so good post labor this time around, I've been anxious to get back into a workout routine.  I know I'm supposed to wait 6 weeks, but honestly I feel like just doing a little here and there isn't going to hurt.  So Saturday, Roy worked me through a few exercises that he does for speed skating to work my lower body (I always get wide in the buns, and thighs while prego).  It was funny, because even though in my head I'm aware that I'm out of shape, I didn't realize HOW out of shape I was until I actually tried some of the moves.  I guess it's a good thing, because now I know where I really stand on my healthy scale.  Today, I started my small steps back to being a healthier me, and they are SMaLL so please don't think I'm going nuts and rushing to loose a ton of weight or running hours at a time.  Mostly, I finished eating all my chocolate in the house (I'm still baffled at how I'm still loosing baby weight with all the sweets I've been consuming), I'm drinking more water, and doing little active things to get my body stronger and more prepared when I hit the exercise hard in a few weeks.  I'm not going to wait 6 weeks and make excuses to eat crap because I can't do anything.  I think at 6 weeks I'll do my own body check and get serious about getting my body back in shape, but I won't be sitting around waiting for that week to come is what it comes down to I guess.

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