Wednesday, January 2, 2013


2013 is coming in like a lion in the Hoffman house.

Finn started the year off right by dumping a chair on top of himself, giving himself a nice bruise right in the center of his a third eye, and having mom buzz of his beautiful blond locks with her new hair cutting kit.  She now knows how short 3/4" is, and is trying hard not to morn the loss of her baby boys hair.

The car decided that now was as good a time as ever to crap out.  "What?..., you just paid for a new baby, heck lets just throw in a new fly rod for fun."  So with all our hard work to stay out of debt for the coming year, we find ourselves at the mercy of life.

But having dealt with and said all that,  we are indescribably blessed with two beautiful healthy children, a house, a job, a family who loves us, friends who care for us, and the knowledge of God's plan for us.  So really, life is GOOD!

And now just because we of little miss Meg just shy of a week old!

I love this blanket so much.  My mom made it out of the softest, mink-iest fabric imaginable...and it's giant.  I was almost tempted to use it myself, but then Meg looked so good in purple, I decided it suited her best.

Oh and I couldn't resist one of my handsome (although bald) little man!

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Hayley said...

she is sweet. dying to meet her. that blanket does look delicious, too.

i was a little confused about gus.

poor finn's black eye!