Wednesday, April 25, 2012

.summer days are here.

or at least they feel like they are here.  We have been soaking up these warm days, and feeling slightly worn out by all the sun and play they have provided us.  I laugh because, even though it hasn't reached the zenith of heat, that only late summer can provide, my body is already needing constant cooling.   The cooler is pumping in cool air and I'm drinking cups upon cups of water.  Finn and daddy of course can't get enough of playing and taking long bike rides in the heat.
Florida is a week away, and I'm thinking about how much easier traveling used to be.  Back when it was just me, or even just Roy and me...piece of cake.  You throw just one kid into the mix, and I feel like I'm packing for a 3 month expedition into the Andes of something.  Kids require a lot of stuff for quiet travel is all I have to instead of focusing on making and completing packing lists, I'm here, writing pointless things because then I don't have to think about that mountain just yet.
Besides the looming travel I'm looking forward to getting away for a bit and being someplace else just for awhile.  It just feels nice to change up the routine every now and then doesn't it!
This past Monday, Finn went in for his 15 month check up.  I can tell he is so much more aware of things then he was even at 12 months.  He loved the Fish, and the toys in the waiting room, but that was pretty much it.  Getting weighed, measured, prodded, and poked was like the end of the world.  He has yet to break the 20 lb bracket as he weighed just shy at 19lb 15oz, but the Dr. said he is almost back on the charts with his weight, which was a pleasant surprise given his finicky eating.  So at 15 months Finn is growing healthy and strong!
In other big news around here, we finally replaced our old dilapidated dish washer.  I found one on KSL that I liked and by the end of the day Saturday we were in business.  When Roy took out the old one, the fixture was a fixed copper pipe...which apparently makes it very old.  Needless to say we like our newer, and much quieter washer very much!
Me, well I'm still busy running house, and getting healthy.  I've been taking a few classes with some girls from the ward over at the rec center.  They are great classes and fun to have girls to work out with.  I tweaked my back during a class (I must be getting older), and had to take a few days off from everything. I felt like such a slug by Monday, that I knew I wanted to get my body moving.  I actually ran the farthest I've ever ran in my life...6 miles in 60 minutes!  I have no desire to run a marathon or even a half at that, but I'm pretty stoked that I had the patience to run that far.  I get so bored after 4 miles that I want to go crazy, but I must have had a mental breakthrough or something because I did it and I'm ready to do it again!
Alright, enough chit-chat...I've got to get back to life and these two hooligans.  Happy Wednesday!!

Little Lilly and Finn getting into trouble

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