Wednesday, January 11, 2012

.what life feels like lately.

Does anyone else look like this after dinner?
notice the nice big chunks of food in his hair, and yes the ever constant stream of teething snot 

This isn't going to be a problem is it mom?
Along with his new found picky eating habits has also come the desire to get food everywhere!!  I do manage to get a bit of food into his mouth before he decides to spit, throw, and smear his food like a little Picasso. 
I feel like this is our life right now, I clean up one mess only to turn around to find another one being made by this little Tasmanian Devil.  He loves everything in the kitchen right now, whether it's the Tupperware closet, dishtowel drawer, broom, filing cabinet, or the trashcan, he wants it.  Today I'm determined to get to the store and arm myself with some child-proofing equipment to keep him out of some of those drawers, and perhaps give myself less to clean up.  Along with all his curious mess making, he is teething something awful!  He has been one onery cuss...and I say that with all the love in my heart.  I'm trying, despite all his grumpy, messy, clingy-ness, to focus on all the wonderful blessings we have...and it certainly helps.  But there are just days you are going to be overwhelmed and done at 10:00 in the morning.


Hayley said...

messy! but even more adorable. i have to admit that this is the main reason why i hold mikey on my lap and feed him, the mess gets to me. but we are trying! he's been eating dinner in his high chair this week!

Kay said...

I think I decided to have Hank mostly so I would have someone else for Jack to harass. You love them, but a lot of days you never have a moments peace. Two definitely turned out to be easier than one. I'm not saying you need to have another baby, I do understand what you're going through though. You need a break :)

Kristen Brady said...

Natalie was always that messy too (and still is!), and she was also into EVERYTHING. Believe me, I totally understand what you mean about being exhausted and done at 10:00am some days. What always helps me is reminding myself that other people have been through this too, and that they survived, so I can too! He's such a cutie!