Sunday, January 15, 2012

.the party.

Your first birthday is a big deal, well at least for the parents...or in my case me.  Roy would have been happy just to do something with just the 3 of us, but I insisted throwing something for family.
I simplified my original plans, mainly because I didn't want anything more to deal with.  So we just did dessert and gifts, but it was just perfect.
The spread

cupcakes on homemade cake stands...thanks to my sister Holly

Finn P loves taking things out of bags

really mom?

he really wanted that candle

not sure about the cupcake

the frosting is pretty good

not bad

sugar is good
 We are so blessed with wonderful family that cares so much for us and supports us in everything we do.  It was wonderful to share a year of celebration with the people we love the most.
After our fill of sugar and conversation we headed home for dinner and much needed sleep.  We also discovered that we could feed little man more cupcakes...

He still lacks the girth to hold onto his pants when he is pulled out of the walker.
What a grand day to celebrate our little Finn!


ANG said...

The empty pants pictures are PRICELESS!!! I love it! ha ha ha!

Kay said...

Ha Ha Ha! :D