Monday, January 16, 2012

.happiness is.

happiness is realizing I can do hard giving birth to little Finn P with no pain medication, and going weeks sleep deprived because there are more imprortant things like making sure little man is fed and soothed.

happiness is watching that little man grow and learn new things through his first year like:
how to say dada, mama, baba, nana, and other jibberish
waving and finding noses, kittens, dogs, and belly buttons
rolling, crawling, and cruising around furniture
dancing, pointing, and playing hide and seek

happiness is finally having teeth to chew with...there are now offically 4, with molars in the line up as is apparent from all his ear pulling.

happiness is being a parent to a healthy happy little man, who loves and needs you more then anything else.

happiness is our one year old Finn

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ANG said...

stop it! You're making me cry.