Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Crazy to think that we are in the last few days of November...another year is drawing to a close...wow!
As fast as time is flying I thought I would just post some of the radomness that has been happening.

-We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday surrounded by lots of family.  Thursday we did dinner with my whole family, which is a feat in and of itself.  I'm so blessed to have these amazing people in my life and call them my own.  I never got the joke about people hating to be with their family during the Holidays...oh well.  Friday we had our second Thanksgiving with the Lamberts, which is just such a fun thing to do.  As always they made the best food in the entire world, of which I ate entirely too much.  Love our families!!

-Christmas is getting into full swing around here now.  We finally got our tree last night...which is a few days too long in my book.  This is my favorite place in the house right now, and will be until the end of December.
-I love getting short trees because I can reach everything when I'm decorating...even the star on top.
-These are my two new favorite decorations... a wreath I made out of peppermint candies
  and Finn's ornament of choice...red jingle bells.  As you can see it doesn't stay on the tree much.

-Finn has also found other uses for the many boxes that have been pulled out for the decorating process.  Like using them to get to even more things...he was turning the pages of the piano books.

-I've started what seems like a dozen projects and have yet to finish one of them.  I'm feeling slightly flustered by that fact.

-With being so busy I also forgot that this is my 30th birthday year.  Roy was so kind to remind me how old I was getting last night.  I might have had a slight panic attack at the thought of leaving my twenties in the dust...its been a good decade!

-Roy is in charge of decorating for our ward Christmas party this year, which in turn means I'm in charge of helping.  What he needs is lights...lots of them, but as one would suspect most people are using their lights this time of year.  I shot down his idea of buying all new lights at our expense so he went a different route.  Can I tell you how much I love KSL classifieds.  Roy scored tons of lights last night for free from an older lady.  Roy couldn't believe the steal, so he helped her out with a few things around the house for payment.   What a service on both ends, we got our lights, and she got some company!

-I've been playing with the idea of doing Christmas Cards this year, but I can't justify the expense...am I a humbug or what???

-I'm so done with washing bottles lately.  Dishes are not a problem, but the bottles are driving me nuts.  

-The weather had been wonderful, but I really want to see some snow flying soon.

There it is....random thoughts and happenings from the family Hoffman.


Kay said...

Ha ha! LOVE the short tree idea! Why did I never think of that??

And Finn is SO darn cute! :D Wish you guys would set up shop next door so I could see him every day..

Oh well..

Elena Lunt said...

Here's a random reply to a random post.
-Totally love the wreath - you are just full of good ideas.
-We've been sending Christmas cards through e-mail for a couple of years now - totally understand.
-You'll probably switch him to sippy cups soon which, of course, are not any less annoying to wash.