Wednesday, November 16, 2011

.10 means double digits.

It's true, you have entered the double digits of life, and suddenly you are so grown up.  You have discovered that crawling is not the only thing you can do to get around.  You climb up on everything

and have started scaling the furniture to move.  Your personal favorites are the piano bench, because you can tap out a little diddy with the keys, and, much to my dismay, the TV stand...I've got to find a better place for our movies now.
a few of your favorite things: toothpaste tube for chewing, and a box to sit in

You're still so small 9month pants are worn old man style

 You have started imitating us more and more, especially with clapping and toy playing.  That has been some of my favorite things about this age is that I can see all the learning your doing.  You also make some of the greatest faces I've ever seen...especially when eating.  You do this one where you try to close your eyes, but keep them open ever so slightly so you can still see what's going on.  I need to capture it on film so you can enjoy it when you get older.
You still eat amazing, but when you're either full or you don't like what I'm feeding you protest by scraping the food off your tongue with you gums or just by plain old spitting.  Thanks for the dinner entertainment.
Other things that bring entertainment are animals, dogs and fish in particular.  We caved and bought a tank full of fish for you to gaze at, and we haven't been disappointed.  It keeps is all entertained watching you watch the fish.

We are getting excited about celebrating the holidays with you
Our friend Wendy who did our family photos needed a little model for a Holiday promotion she is doing.  If you want some great photos, check her out.

 even if you wont know fully what's happening, and we look forward to many more together as a family.
Happy 10 months baby boy!!!

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ANG said...

Ahhhhh! That Christmas photog. is so freaking cute!