Thursday, March 24, 2011

So we are almost finished with this week of work, and there are definately things I like and dislike about the whole ordeal. I'm sorry to say that after not so wonderful nights of sleep, that I hand him over freely in the morning (it helps that he is so well taken care of by Lena). Seriously, I think I'm to the point where I will just have to let him cry it out a bit so we can both get some better sleep. Despite his night time antics, I always miss him a few hours after I drop him off and I can't wait for my last day so that I can be with little Finn all day and love on him. However, I can see that I'm going to miss working with Jill. I mean for three years I think I saw more of Jill then I saw of Roy...and that is saying something. Even just being back for 2 short days we have started off right where we left off...and it's nice! But it's time to put that chapter behind me. I think I will have to make many plans to hang with Jill away from work so we can just have some fun girl time though!

and because I can, here is Finn and all his cute squeakiness.


garrett said...

He's a cute little guy!

Kay said...

He's so perfect Beth! Amazing doesn't seem to cover it. It's probably going to be harder and harder to have "girl" time with Finn adding to your family, but I think as your children get older and older, you can have more time for those things. Right now though, life is going to move fast, and you will be so happy that you spent as much time as you could with sweet little Finn.