Saturday, March 26, 2011

.new projects.

I generally fail at all things crafty...I'm talking F minus, minus. I'm not really upset about, I've just come to except that certain things are not in my strength basket as it were. However, having said that, suddenly I've been feeling the creative juices wanting to flow. It stems mostly from these cute onesies that Hayley dons Mikey with. You know the little onesies with ties for little boys...
I wanted one for little Finnigan, but after looking at the Etsy site, I thought to myself "self why spend $12 on one shirt that you could probably make yourself." So I ventured to the fabric store and purchased the goods to make Finn his own tie shirt.
It you can see it was a tight fit from the beginning and cant be worn anymore...we are passing it on to our newest cousin on his way in July. After such success I couldn't stop, and with all the babies on their way in our ward I thought these are my new baby gifts. This is for a mystery baby due next month. Don't look close at the stitching because...Yikes...not so good, but I figure the baby won't be wearing it for too long anyhow.

But the one that I love best is for a wee girl due at the end of summer. The stitching is near perfect...yeah. I wish I could make one for Finn to wear, but it's a bit girly. I might rate myself in the mid B range for these bad boys. I might turn out to be crafty after all.


Hayley said...

beth, i'm really impressed with your work. seriously - you should consider starting a little etsy shop! i paid $16 for each of those shirts (that person did coordinating burp clothes, too...) and would be willing to pay you for the ones i'm going to get you to make :)

my other idea: letters... i would LOVE having a cute onesie with an M on it.

you're so talented!!!

Kay said...

Love these Beth. You can do ANYTHING.

PretandMeg said...

Can't wait for our little one to wear the darling fish outfit! And can't wait to take the baby on it's first fishing outing this summer. Thanks again, Beth!

Jessica Wigington said...

Beth those are SO adorable!! You've got a real talent for that! And you're so creative too!!