Monday, February 28, 2011

.mr toots.

Mr. Finn, you are also known around these parts as "mr. Toots". Seriously kid, you are one flatulent little guy. It has brought us all, especially daddy, great entertainment. Often times I think he is sleeping when its just you and I feeding at 2:00 in the AM, but when you punctuate the silence with a barrage of toots, daddy can usually be found giggling after each one...boys...some things never change. So yes, I may not always enjoy your gassy issues, but for right now it's a joy to hear you toot.

Oh and I almost forgot one more thing I love to hear you do. Those high pitched squeals when your working yourself up for a cry...well I got it on video. I'm your terrible mom that let you cry just so I could capture that moment that always makes me laugh. Again I'm probably going to regret saying that I love hearing you cry, but for right now it's one of my most favorite things about you kid!


garrett said...

Nice. :) Hayley and I just watched it. The tiny baby cry is kinda cute. We liked Mikey's little cry, too!

Hayley said...

he's so adorable, i can barely stand it. he's lucky i don't show up at your house everyday to kiss on him.

the gas and laughing - happens over here, too.

judi said...

You will love the newborn cry - good thing you got it on tape because when Finn is 2 you are going to want this cry back! At least - that's how it has worked with my kids.