Thursday, May 6, 2010


I took another walk down at the Jordan Parkway again for lunch, and I've come to a few conclusions...
1- I really like walks! They're way more leisurely than runs, and I am someone who can appreciate "leisure-ness".
2-I like getting away from the office even for a half an hour. I get to be energized by the fresh air and sun, plus I get a chance to be away from a certain older gentleman who's loud voice (I'm sorry to say) grates on my nerves some days.
3- I love listening to the wind in the almost sounds like rushing water. Such a simple thing, but really very beautiful.
4- I want so badly to be able to take my own children on walks. Yesterday I saw so many moms and baby's out that I almost cried wanting so badly to be out there with my own lil' one. Timing is everything on this one, but that doesn't make it any easier on those days when the desire is so strong.
Wow I kind of ended on a sad note there. Not intended mind you, just something that consumed my thoughts while walking.


Hayley said...

i wish i had time during lunch to go for a nice little walk. and i know it is hard to see others with the things you want... it'll happen, beth! but i hate being patient with/for you.

ANG said...

Walks are great. No stress. No pain. Don't worry about little Hoffy...sometimes really wanting something before we get it is the best thing - helps prepare us better. Your little dude will be SO cute and precious. Thanks again for ALL your help (yours & Roy's)with the house and the car. We are so lucky to have family like you.

Megs said...


I'm right there with you! Although, almost as much as I want to be a mom, I want Pret to be a dad. He is going to be so great!


P.S. Roy mentioned you had a blog on Sunday so I went searching today. Hope you won't think I'm a cyber-stalker!