Thursday, November 12, 2009

On The Fritz

The "puter" is on the fritz so we have been seriously disconnected from the outside world. I find that computers (for those of us who aren't computer geniuses) are like cars. They are great when there are no problems, but once things start falling apart they become very inconvenient. So in the interim we will just have to work with what we have.
As of this past week we have in our possession some very expensive, and might I add very elaborate, timing equipment. We are very anxious to get going on our business, but in the mean time we are just trying to figure out how everything works. We may be calling on a few of you to come run some laps so we can get a feel for the beast.
Went ice-skating last night...probably the first time since I was 12. When I was younger I used to dream of being a professional ice skater, I begged my mom, unsuccessfully I might add, to sign me up for lessons. But in her defense I think my mother understood it was merely a childhood whim. Despite the fact I never took a lesson I was pretty good. (ok not like triple lutz good, but comfortable on the ice good). Last night I discovered that ice skating is like riding a never really forget how to do it. Best part of the night....beating Bro. Morgan off the line in our sprint race. And even if he says it was a tie, more than one person confirmed that I beat him. Worst part of the night....realizing I'm not a 12 year old girl anymore...I'm definitely feeling it this morning.
Hoping for some more snow here soon. Mid-November and it feels like September...even though its been lovely weather I'm needing me some snow. Planned a snowboarding day up to Solitude and wanting some good powder to enjoy. We will see.

Here's to hoping that the Hoffman's will be re-connected to the world soon.


ANG said...

I hear ya sista - our computer is dying too. We're getting a new one this week ...if I can recover from the flu. Solitude? I think it's supposed to snow today.

Colette said...

I would just like to point out that we went ice skating for Carla's birthday back in 05. And we went to the park when you lived with Carla, and we went to the rink in WV one year. No wonder it was just like riding a bike - you've been practicing all these years!!!

Beth said...

Oh I totally forgot...that's right. I even have pics of those events. Thanks for the reminder...I can't believe I forgot that. huh???

Hayley said...

you ski. you exercise. you're cute.

how are we becoming friends? :)

i hope the computer continues to work!