Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Post Script....

As an afterthought, I realized that this morning produced some residual effects from yesterday. Before leaving for work I was searching for my purse (I finally discarded my favorite purse of 15 years for an upgrade). I looked all around the house and in the car. I was running late as it was so I just left for work hoping that when I called Roy he would know where it was. The phone conversation went something like this...

Me: Hey babe, do you know where my purse is?
Roy: Uuuuhhhh, I remember putting it on top of the car when we got back from the police station.
Me: WHAT!??? Did you take it off?
Roy: I can't remember. Stay at work I'll go see if I can find it.

Half an hour later

Roy: Hey did you check the car?
Me: I checked the inside and the trunk (looking out at my car I can't see anything on the roof)
Roy: Did you check the roof?
Me: No, but I can't see anything from here.
Roy: Go check the roof!

...and wouldn't you know, there it was stuck snugly in the bike rack.


caron said...

it was still there! One time when I was an awkward preteen I left my wallet on my mom's back bumper. She drove off, and some big guy in a truck honked and waved her down to tell her it was there. Nice of him, but scared her to death.

caron said...

so for some reason the first part was deleated. It was supposed to say "I"m so glad it was still there". That is all. Please continue. :)

Beth said...

Yeah, still there! Absolutely grateful that it hung on so this story could have a happy ending. Wallet on a bumber sounds like an unfortunate ending, glad the HUGE trucker let her know.

Amanda said...

How funny! I'm glad it was still there. Way back when I was in high school, I stuck my yearbook on the roof of my car and forgot about it. Unfortunately it fell off and got ran over. Someone found it and brought it to my house. So my senior yearbook has a big tire track on it.