Saturday, December 28, 2013

.wrapping up Christmas.

The year is wrapping up, and we are gearing up for the coming of a brand new year and the adventures that await us in 2014.  This holiday season has been simple and wonderful.  Cutting back on a lot of the "extra" of the season, was just what I needed this year.  The things we did do, were family and Christ centered, which brought a special spirit into my heart.  Of course Christmas is just plain magical with children.  The morning of Christmas, Finn scampered up the stairs to find the tractors that Santa had left, and could hardly be pulled away to open anything else.

 dumping the contents of the stockings out
 completely mesmerized by the big big loaders...notice Meg soaking it all up with bottle in hand
 all Meg wanted to do was suck on Finn's camelback and hold onto a fruit snack package...Christmas with an almost one year old.
This is seriously how Finn spent 60% of the day

Despite my best efforts of only buying a few toys and books, it seems like the kids made quite a haul between family and friends.  Now I have to find somewhere to put it all.

Following close on the heels of Christmas was Miss M's first birthday.   It's just one big party over at the Hoffman's!
 The if we hadn't had enough sugar
 Meg's star cupcakes
 I couldn't get Meg to sit still for a picture...or get my phone back.  She's almost a full bi-ped now.
 I did however capture Finn's elusive smile.

 tentative first taste
 needing a mid-meal drink
 She's got some serious stink eyes when she's tired
 Grandma Sullivan and Aunt Kay had to show Meg how to get into the gifts
 She seemed especially interested in this toy from Grandma and Grandpa Hoffman
I still can't believe she's already one!

Amongst all the celebrations and festivities, I hit the half way mark on pregnancy #3.  Pregnancy with two young children is taking it's toll as my energy level is always hovering just above empty, so most days it's just mind over matter.  I haven't managed to maintain any kind of exercise regimen, and seem to be hungry all the time still, but at this point I'm just getting myself to May.  This past week I have totally taken advantage of Roy being home.  As I make my way up the stairs around 8 in the morning I just tell him, "I'm on vacation".  If any of you are still wondering what we are are's a surprise.  We have one of each and this will probably be our last one, so we thought we would go for it.  But here is a sneak peek of the little one just the same.

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