Monday, June 3, 2013

.very slowly, but surely.

I'm not going to lie, loosing the "extras" is hard.  I knew it would be, but really, it's HARD.  Losing my baby weight and then some with Finn took awhile, but it seemed easier.  I suppose having two babies, makes things a little more tricky.  I didn't make that May goal of 5 pounds...which was quite lofty to begin with, but I did loose so that's something.
Today I finally hit my 10 lb mark, and it only took 4 months....blahhhh!  Now I only have 10 more to go to reach that pre-pregnancy weight.  Today is my second week of starting a more intense workout regimen.  As good as running is, and as nice as it is to get those precious 40 mins to myself, I know it's not a very effective way for me to loose weight, so I shifted my efforts.  I'll let you know how it goes.
As far as June goals,  I'm going for more consistency...meaning doing my workouts daily, and as always drinking more water (at least 75 oz.).  Maybe I'll be close to where I was by the end of summer...just in time for fall and winter...ha ha ha.

As far as life with the Hoffman's, well we've been having some good fun, even if life is just plain crazy some days.  Memorial day we went up to the train museum up in Ogden.  Finn and Roy mostly enjoyed climbing on everything, and the miniature sets.

We came home and enjoyed a nice BBQ and Finn had his first horse ride around the pasture.  We have had my Grandma in town and we spent a day with her last week.  We took her out to the small airport and watched planes and helicopters take of and land as we ate a lunch.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching her play trains with Finn, and love on Meg.
Meg really loves those fingers

The weather has really warmed up nicely this past week as well.  We have spent plenty of time outside planting the rest of the garden, playing tractors out in the dirt and rocks, and rolling around whatever Roy decides to bring home from work that day.

I kind of like how much this kid likes dirt...and his hats

 Pure happiness over this spool that he pushed around all over the courtyard.

Great toys always come from Roy...he knows what this boy loves.

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Kay said...

Such a good dad! You'll get there on the weight loss Beth. You just have to stay constant, and you can do anything!

Looking forward to snuggling Meg myself in a couple of weeks when you guys come to dinner.