Monday, May 13, 2013

.this, that, & a whole lot of nothing.

I'm so happy to see the other side of last week.  It seemed incredibly busy and filled with more stress then usual.  To start off with...lets check in...

Happy to finally see 150 give up the ghost...especially after a weekend wedding and mothers day treats.
I've been dealing with some lingering health issues, and have seen a Dr. with an MRI to maybe (probably) follow, so really my motivation to exercise  has wained.  My mind has just honestly been else where.  We have a follow up this week and will go from there.  I think my May goal will be to loose 5 pounds.  I came up slightly short in April, but I'm ok with that, seeing as I've been dealing with the mystery issues.  I'm going to work harder on eating healthier and drinking MORE water.  Am I the only one who struggles with drinking enough water?

I took the kids up to the zoo on Tuesday.  It was fun, even with all the class field trips going on.  Finn had absolutely no interest in the Elephants, and refused to get out of the stroller.  He LOVED the monkeys, sea lions, seals, polar bear, tiger, and the tractors.  Sure glad we went to the zoo to see all the tractors Finn.

These two love the water animals.  Oh and Finn climbing...ALL THE TIME!

Finn has become incredibly busy, and independent lately.  Needless to say there has been more then our fair share of tantrums thrown, and exhausted parents.  I was that mother on mothers day who got kicked in the face during church and then swatted her son in frustration.  Yes, MOTHER OF THE YEAR!  He is sure testing my patience and mothering skills of late, but I sure do love that busy busy busy boy.
Besides being a frustrating two year old, he is also talking SO much.  I love hearing him say so much whenever we go somewhere.  He knows his colors, and will always tell me the colors of the cars and trucks on the road or the animals he sees.

Finally on Saturday we travelled up to Logan for a wedding.  My old roommate Colette had asked me to play the guitar for her first dance months ago.  Since I really haven't played since college, and especially since being married, I wasn't really confident in my abilities.  But I just couldn't say no.  I practiced as much as I could with two crazy kids, and pulled off a decent performance.  I hope Colette liked it, because I was so nervous I was going to ruin her first dance.  Also in a side note...a bird pooped on me.  First time for that, glad it happened at a WEDDING!
While in Logan, I got the chance to drive around my old stomping grounds.  It was so strange to be back...very nostalgic.  I drove up to Hillside (the apartments where I lived the longest),  The big tree out front, and giant juniper bush are gone.  They've paved the entrance and exit, where only dirt and pot holes used to exist.  But it was still very much the same place.

Hillside...Where the wild things are (saying etched into the wall in the alley)

College is past and gone, and in a lot of ways I'm glad to be out of it, but there will always be a part of my heart in Logan.  They were happy years!  

This week, we hopefully will get some more answers about what is going on with me, have a better hold on my crazy two year old, and be overall more healthy.  Happy Monday all!


Kay said...

Hope you get some answers. I also have had my body revolts. And yes, I am a little crazy about drinking water now. I have to drink a minimum of two quarts a day or else...
Keep me informed. :)

Love all you news Beth. XOX

Kim said...

Awww, Hillside! I loved that place. Wish I could have made it to Logan on Saturday. Unfortunately life got in the way...we need to get together another time though. It'd be great to see you!

Beth said...

Kim, you will be so close to us when you move, we will for sure get together. I want to meet your cute boys, and sweet girl.