Thursday, August 30, 2012


The CRAZY dreams have started.  As if sleeping wasn't already a rare gift, lets throw some nightmarishly vivid dreams into the mix.  It can't be healthy that my blood pressure was higher then when I went to sleep last night right?

To bring my heart rate down, I made poached eggs for the first time this morning.  I don't know why I was ever scared to make them, they are by far the easiest eggs I've ever made.  I watched an Irish cooking show last night while I was waiting for Finn to succumb to sleep, and it showed little tricks on how to poach an egg.  I'm glad I finally decided to try making them!

Maybe it's just me and my pregnant self, but I'm so done with the heat this summer.  I find myself debating if it's worth leaving the house between the hours of 11 and 8.  Last week I knew Finn just had to have a change of scene, but after wrestling Finn into the sweltering car after a brief tirade through the library,  I realized why I resist leaving the comforts of the ac.  It seems to take me 45 mins, just to recover when we get home.

Being so hot during this pregnancy was another clue to me that baby girl was indeed a girl.  I'm a sweaty, emotional mess!

I don't have a stitch of girl anything.  We tried to get gender neutral for the bigger items like swing, pack 'n play, & car seat...but that's it.  We joke that little girl is going to be a tom boy just because she'll be wearing all the clothes that were handed down to us for Finn (we had a lot of little boys in my family recently).

I have a simple idea for Finn's Halloween costume this year, now I just need to go and get all the pieces to put it together.

My random thoughts are done, I'm on my way to go work out (i.e. sweat the equivalent of my body weight).

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

.what little boys do best.

Can you tell what my little man is loving right now?

 I'll give you a has something to do with food.
He insists on feeding himself, and will refuse to touch his food unless he holds the power 
(aka: the utensil).
He's actually getting pretty decent, but on those days when his coordination
is anything but stellar, it gets exhausting.
Today was were I just wanted to throw him straight into the tub.

Of course this kid has always loved everything that is mechanical
especially cars, tractors, motorcycles, planes, and trains.
Today while I was getting dinner thrown together, I realized that the noise from my
toddler had died down.
As any parent of young children will know, this usually spells trouble.
Instead of the utter destruction that I'm sure awaited me, I was happily surprised by this...
the creative playings of my little Finn.
He made his own version of a train...he kept telling me "choo choo, choo choo"

Finn's day was full of all things that boy's do best...
messes and building.

Monday, August 13, 2012


it's a strange thing...I used to think that 5 years would feel like forever when I first got married (I also thought 30 would feel old), but in reality it's been anything but.  Life with that boy of mine feels so full.  Full of busy-ness, full of laughter, full of frustration (we all have our days), full of compassion, full of teasing, full of learning, full of patience, full of support, full of work, full of hope, and most of all full of LOVE.  We have created a happy home for our growing family, and I'm happy he's my best friend and partner through it all.

Roy and spandex, what else would you expect
Our actual anniversary was on the 4th, but, like I mentioned in a previous post, we rarely get to celebrate on the actual day.  We pushed it back to this past weekend, but as with most happens.  Roy ended up having some races that morning, and Finn contracted the foot and mouth virus going around.  But we still managed to enjoy a dinner together at the cheesecake factory despite the busy day.

Me in all my greasy large I say it was a day, but I think we seem pretty happy!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

.busy bees.

We're still here, just been know...watching the Olympics and other
important things.  No, but really, besides watching obscene amounts
of great physical feats, its amazing how much time is taken up by just LIFE.
I've been on a busy streak this week, that was prompted by an all out couch day of sickness on Monday.
Inspired by my sister Angie's deck of paradise (really just a nice place to enjoy the cooler mornings and evenings), I cleaned down my own little outside space, scrubbed down my chairs, bought a small cheap table, and threw some pillows out there. 
Tada(is that even a word), my own slice of paradise with a stellar view of  "the" Jordan Ell. 
We've enjoyed are morning meals together out there, chatting about the day ahead. 
Does it get any better then that?  I think not. 
Besides making our deck space livable again, I have been diligently working out
the budget and working on how to be better fiscally disciplined all around. 
And on top of all this and that, I have a child that climbs up on everything. Everything. EVERYTHING!
If that doesn't keep one busy, I don't know what will.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012