Sunday, February 19, 2012

.where we are.

It's Saturday night, Finn is asleep, the kitchen is clean, and I finally have a moment it feels like to catch up and reflect on all the weeks happenings. 
To start off, I hit a mile marker this week.  I finally hit the 130's again on my weight.  I haven't seen those numbers since before I was married.  I started my sedentary job as soon as we got married and it seems to have all gone down hill since then.  I've remained active, but didn't eat as well as I needed to...especially while I worked.  Since being home with little man I have done fairly well, and I lost 10 pounds off my pre-pregnancy weight and have kept it off.  But I had about 25 pounds to go to get to where I wanted to be before I got pregnant again.  I decided I needed to kick it up a notch to get past this platue so this past week was a raw food week.  Basically I ate mostly raw foods and veggies the whole sugar.   I allowed myself a few indulgences like cooked veggies like squash, but pretty much it didn't do anything besides that.  It's not easy, and I slipped probably more times then not without even realizing I had (I ate a slice of cheese while making Roy a sandwich, and a few crusts from Finn's sandwiches).  But overall I followed through with my challenge, and it paid off with a break through into the 130's again.  I fit in my smallest pair of jeans again, and that feels great, but I'm not done because I know those 20 pounds can come off if I'm consistent with my food and workouts.
Besides eating like a rabbit all week, we have been stressing out trying to get our mortgage refinanced.  With interest rates as low as they have been we have been wanting to do this for awhile.  Unfortunately,  our FHA loan kind of had us stuck with a small second mortgage that had to be paid off first.  We finally found someone who not only said he could do it, but he could do it right now.  After all is said and done...our savings will be depleted, but we will be saving around $200 a month off our mortgage.  Hopefully with all the money we will be saving we can build that savings up again.
As far as that little man of ours goes.  He is walking quite good now and does it more often then not, but he still crawls if he falls at all.  He also took his first spill down some stairs, which scared the crap out of me, but he doesn't seem to be worse for the wear.  He loves dogs and cats and makes the woof woof sound when he sees one.  I love hearing him jabber all the time now especially when he  says "ohhhhh" at everything.  Pointing is his new thing and he does it when he wants anything.  I can't believe how grown up he seems to me now.
Busy weeks like these are good and productive, but I'm happy to have a Sunday to recover and prepare for our new week ahead of us.

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Kay said...

Wow Beth! I'm pretty sure I couldn't eat just fruits and veggies for a whole week! I'm proud of you for your determination. That's pretty much what it takes. Keep up the good work and good luck with your refi. We have had no such luck with our mortgage (and we've tried several times), but we are out of debt and hopeful that the future will bring some good things.