Thursday, December 15, 2011

.11, can it be.

My heart is breaking just a little bit to think that this little boy of mine is nearly a year old. 

It's just one of those truths in life that kids grow up too fast.  We are looking forward to spending our first Christmas together with our very own little dude.  Shopping is a breeze for him since we just see what he gets excited about in the store and throw it in the cart...ha ha ha, lets just say the theme this year is all about cars.
At 11 months, Finn is still not walking, but he gets around very well with crawling and scaling furniture.  He mostly says dadadadadadadada, but he also throws in a few gagagagag's and nanananan's for good measure.  Sadly no mama's yet.  So he's not much of a talker yet, but he does understand simple commands like, "get your doggie", and  "bring it here/come here".  Something that we can't get enough of is all of his animation.  When he gets excited he gibbers, squeals, throws his arms around, and occasionally growls.  He also loves to dance when he hears any FUN!  Finn is still completely fascinated by circles, he can spot them on anything and loves touching them.  Another thing that Finn insists on doing is turning on and off his light as he gets up from sleeping.  He figured out what mom and dad were doing and now wants to do it before leaving his room.

I weaned Finn about 2 weeks ago, which turned out to be emotionally harder then I thought it would be, but I can tell since supplementing Finn with formula along with solids, he has started chubbing up again.  Welcome back rolly thighs, momma missed you.
Sleeping is wonderful...2 full naps, and 11 hr nights makes for both happy baby and happy mommy!
With one final month left, Finn is one happy, curious, dancing, moving, growing little boy, and we love him!

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Elena Lunt said...

You forgot to mention that he is a cutie with beautiful blue eyes. Well done Beth and Roy!