Friday, May 30, 2008

in which the dishwasher stikes again

Lets do some catch up!
It seems that the weeks have just flown by since St. George (which by the way was almost a total bust, at least the tri) I won't bother to rehash all the windy Gorey details...just know that it was a rather a long drive for not so much tri. We did have fun hiking around the red rocks and having Roy try out his new Mt. Bike. (pics coming soon)

Life has gone on per usual since the work. I've been flying it solo for the last few days without Jill and it has been crazy busy, but it's all turned out well.

Memorial day gave us a day to get some much needed projects underway. I would have preferred to sleep in, but per usual Roy was ready for the day at the butt crack of dawn. In hind-sight I'm glad he got up and motivated me not to waste our day off in bed. We started off cleaning out our little plot of ground by removing some nasty bushes, pruning the roses, and tilling up the soil. After completely filling our trashcan "gimpy" (I call it gimpy because it only has one wheel) we decided we would return all the garden gear to my parents house. On our way out Roy not only had the brilliant idea to stop at the home depot and grab some more garden stuff to fill the void, but to also pick up the belt sander at my parents to sand down the table we got from grandma.
By the time we got home with our purchases the dirt had turned to mud in our onto the table. Wow what a project it turned out to be! It took Roy the greater portion of the afternoon to sand down all the components of the oak table, while I struggled with dismantling the chairs. By then it was time to run to the obligatory barbecues for memorial day. Needless to say we just finished putting on the second coat of stain yesterday.
As a side note: yesterday when I got home from running I entered a home smelling of chemical fumes... I got excited thinking Roy was starting to put the sealer on the table. Turns out that our dishwasher has claimed another plastic item. It has warped several of our plastic cups and it's most recent victim was my Nalgene lid (in tribute this post is in Nalgene lid blue). I spent half an hour scrubbing the melted plastic off the bottom. GOOD TIMES!
Hopefully by next post the table will be done, the void will be planted, and the dishwasher will have stayed it's hand.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Fun in the Sun

After months of waiting to see the sun I'm finally getting a chance this weekend. We are making our way south (if only for a few days) to enjoy the sun of St. George. The weekend of the big Tri is here. Roy, along with about 12 other people are competing in the St. George Tri this weekend, and then along with me about 30 other people are coming to spectate. This whole thing started off small, but little by little more people joined. Poor St. George won't know what hit it.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Look

It just came to my realization today that my blog template was not really "me". It was clean and simple, but color, no fun, and nothing to really draw my attention. I always see all these fun blog designs, but I lack the tech knowlege as well as the patience to elaborately change mine. Lucky for me this site comes with templates. I found one that suited my desire for change. It has more color (specifically of my top 5) and this makes it more fun...for me of course. I don't assume to know what my readers like, or even if I have readers, so really this blog is all about my needs and wants, and I feel fullfilled as of now.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Productive days

I remember when I was younger and I would utilize my Saturdays in the best possible way by sleeping in until 11:30...noonish. In actuality I always felt like crap on these days that I chose to sleep in because I would wake up and already half the day was gone. I hated feeling like I had wasted those precious hours of freedom from my life of school and work. As a result I don't like to sleep in, too late, on Saturdays.
This past Saturday was no exception. I woke early to drive Roy to work (as we have a car out of commission), ran at the gym, deposited the check at the bank, washed and fueled up Fran (my car), made a grocery store run, ran back to the gym to grab my jacket, cleaned the room, the bathroom, did the laundry, dejunked the storage room (thanks to Roy for letting me throw more stuff away), and went on a bike ride with Roy on the Jordan park way. I really wanted to clean the inside of Fran and sweep the car-port because it's just driving me crazy, but
I just ran out of time. However, over all I felt good knowing that I hadn't wasted my Saturday.
Sunday was more of a relaxing day. I wanted to curl the hair, but I did sleep in just a little too long. I didn't have to teach for the first time in three weeks so that was a nice reprieve. I made some awesome dinner in the crock-pot (it really makes me feel like a home-maker when I come home to the house smelling like good food), took a Sunday nap, and got to see and talk to my sister and her family in Mexico on the web cam.
Yay! for good productive weekends!

Friday, May 2, 2008

A New Day

Today is the start of my healthy lifestyle transition. I got up at 6:00 and went to the gym. This is a big deal for me because I'm not usually a morning person, but I have slowly transformed into one. I get to bed early and usually rouse around 6:00 but I like to stay in my nice warm bed and lounge around. I finally decided to do something more productive with my time. So the time has come to not just work out when its convenient or eat whatever I want. I'm taking control of my eating habits and with workout ball in tow I'm taking control of my life!