Tuesday, June 24, 2014


We have had a lot going on this past month, what with moving and all that, momma got a little behind on posting about your second month of life little one.  It feels unreal sometimes to think that you've been with our family for that long.  Sometimes it feels like it was only yesterday that we were bringing you home from the hospital, but most of the time it feels like you've always been apart of us.  Does that make any sense?
We've got you all moved into the new house...the house we want to raise our family.  You and your sister will share a room, but you are still sleeping with mom and dad, until you're a little older.  You sleep really well (a tender mercy that all three of my babies have slept so well), about 6 hour stretches at night.  I can not thank you enough for letting me sleep.  It's probably what has kept me sane through all of the craziness of moving with three young children.
At your two month appointment, you were 9.1 lbs putting you in the 5% on the growth chart.  Not surprising as none your siblings were big either.  You had your first dose of shots, which made you miserable for about a day and a half, but then you settled right back into your rhythm.
My most favorite thing that you've learned to do this month, is smile.  It goes from a sweet little half smirk to a full fledged toothless grin.  It brightens my day, and makes my worries disappear.
You are loved beyond measure little one, and an absolute blessing in our life's!
Your sweet little smiles melt my heart!

peaceful little sleeper

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