Tuesday, November 19, 2013

.family pictures.

You may have remember that I briefly described our family picture experience as the "worst ever".  Not because the photographer was terrible...just our children.  Despite a very uncooperative 2 year old, and a very serious 9 month old, we still managed to get a few keepers.  I love Fall pictures with all the color!

 I love miss Meg's profile
 mr. squinty eyes
 there was a lot of this going on
 and a little of this
 I love this girl!!!
 the last good shot of Finn we could get
and then this is when we knew it was time to call it good.


Even with December a short few weeks away, we are still in full fall and Thanksgiving mode over here.  Sometimes with young kids I wonder what and if I should do anything extra or special to teach because I often feel like it doesn't really register yet, but I decided that for the month of November I would try doing "gratitude leafs".  The first Sunday, I taught a short (emphases on short) lesson on showing gratitude for all the things that God has given us, and introduced the leafs.  At first the leafs consisted of simple things like tractors, snow, pears, and the such, but slowly our chats about what we are thankful for have grown.  Today Finn expressed his gratitude for bagels and cream cheese (his current favorite snack), and other good food that helps him grow.  He then told me that Meg was grateful for flowers because they smelled good.  I like that he interprets what Meg is thinking.  It's been good to see the colorful leafs fill up our glass door and brighten our days with reminders of all the things we've been given.
As far as the kids go...
Meg is in the season of starting to get her legs under her and try walking.  She recently took a few steps all on her own, and has taken to standing long periods of time by herself.  She has also become very curious in the garbage can (I recall Finn did the same thing) and so we have had to get creative in keeping it out of reach.

Finn's season is the one of taking off his pajamas every night and sleeping in only a diaper.  I wonder every night if I'm just wasting my time putting them on him, but I figure if anything it gives him practice on dressing and undressing himself.  He's become both very helpful, and very frustrating all at the same time...how can that be.  I can usually ask him to do something (cleaning up, grabbing Meg's toy from across the room, or grabbing items that are just out of reach.  In the same breath, he will ignore my requests to leave his sister alone, or not to jump on the couch, and just plain whine.  He is pure toddler and I love him!

As far as our season of life, well it's become a bit more complicated, as things often do with more responsibility.  As previously mentioned, we've been feeling pushed in a direction to try and move.

We don't know if it's actually going to happen, but we have faith that God is directing our lives, and that things will happen if they need to.  At first I was really excited about all the prospects, but sometimes looking at the cost of moving, makes me depressed...like how do people actually make the next step.  I suppose that is where my faith will come more into play.  For right now it is out of our hands, and we will just have to see what will happen.
And finally, with all the nice weather we've been having, it seems my roses are confused as to which season it actually is.
 These happy yellow guys are welcomed to stay as long as there is no snow to make me happy.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

.falling back & falling behind.

Remember when I actually used to blog... I do.  I would like to blame it all on just being so incredibly busy that I haven't found a moment to sit down and compose a few lines, but mostly, I've just felt distinctly unmotivated.   It might have something to do with the fact that I've felt like crap, haven't exercised in weeks, and have absolutely no energy.  Whatever the reason, I've just decided I needed to  get the last few weeks out before we fall even further behind.  So onto the catch-up.

Family Halloween party/ pumpkin carving/ trick-or-treating
 Hay ride with cousins
 sweet owl Meg
 Finn refused to dance, but loved pulling the wagon around the yard
and then I got suckered into pulling the two of them around the yard
We had a lot of fun as usual with lots of good food, good company, and one of the last perfect fall days of the year.

Finn was so stoked about the pumpkins this year.  Everyday he would ask if we were going to carve the pumpkins yet.  A few days before Halloween he finally got the chance to dig in to the orange gourds.  He wasn't very effective at getting much of the guts out, but he sure had fun trying.  He wanted to do everything...including use the knife (such a boy).  I finally got the drill out so he could drill holes in one.  That kept him happy and busy.

The days leading up to Halloween, we discussed the business of trick-or-treating, and the proper etiquette.  Finn had masted his "trick-or-treat", and was ready to go when daddy got home from work.  We left early, and even though it still required a lot of prompting on what to say and when,  he had a lot of fun.  
 He made sure to give Katie hugs for her candy contribution
 Meg just enjoyed the packaging.
When Meg started fussing, and Finn started whining that his pumpkin was too heavy we knew we were done...easy enough.  We thought it was funny that for a kid who doesn't like chocolate he ended up picking out a lot of chocolate.  I switched most of it out with the candy we had at home so he still had plenty of sugar to consume for all his hard work.
After some pizza and green monster juice, we had a little wrestling match to burn off some of the sugar before bed.

The beginning of November had some pretty beautiful days that we knew were going to be the last of the year, so we had to of course we to do leaf raking and jumping.  That little boys sure loves to rake leaves!
 Roy and Finn hiding in the leaves
 covering daddy with leaves
 These two have a sweet bond of boyish mischief
 raking the leaves while daddy throws them
 I told him he had to smile...nice...
 I love looking up at the trees with all their color

And here is just a little bit more of what we've been up to the first week of November.
 Meg enjoys the thrills A LOT.  She lives off the adrenaline rush that she gets off of being thrown and tossed in the air.
 Making applesauce.  Looking at my meager canning efforts from this fall (I lost 7 jars of beautiful peaches because I left them on the counter without processing....prego brain), I knew we had to add a few jars of applesauce.  Thanks again to my wonderful mother who supplied the apples and kitchen.
 Our first snow hit at the beginning of this week, and even though it was nothing more then a skiff,  Finn was BEYOND excited to put on his new snow boots and get out to see what it was all about.
I can't wait to see what he will think about some actual snow accumulation.  
He's also suddenly (he's seen a few Christmas trees) got very excited for Christmas.  I keep telling him we have Thanksgiving first, and that we have turkey and all other sorts of yummy things, but he still keeps on insisting on getting a tree.  Soon enough my child, soon enough.

In other news...
Roy was released as Young Men's president.  He had served in that calling for almost 4 years, so it was time for a change.  In the meantime he is just enjoying his free time a little more, and it's been nice to have him home on Sundays.  It seems like it was good timing anyways since our ward was completely split in half last Sunday.  We were expecting some change, but it was quite a big change.  We are feeling like even more, that it is time for us to move and have a change, but we will have to see what happens in the next few months.
As far as baby and me, I've come to peace with this unexpected change, and have started feeling positive and happier about it all.  Feeling less sick and tired seems to have helped my emotional state a great deal, and feeling those babies move for the first time is always exciting no matter what.  I know I'll look back on this and see all the blessings that will come from this sweet addition, so I've gotten over my frustration, and yes even a little anger, and I'm building up anticipation for this little one.

Friday, November 1, 2013


It's officially double digits around here with our sweet little miss M being 10 months old.  It's been fun to see much more of your personality coming out this month as well as a second tooth (finally after months and months of drool).  With those two teeth, you have really taken on so much more adult food, and prefer to feed yourself.  You are still so little (everything 5% or lower), but you're still so rolly that I don't ever think of you as small.
You have become a major daddy's girl, and cling to him whenever he is around.  He is almost the only person that can get you to smile all the time.  He throws you, and chases you to your hearts content which is the reason I think he's your favorite.
The world is a curious place for you, and you are a true observer.  In true Meg fashion you will sit and watch others around you, taking it all in.  You like to play with your toys and will be aggressive if the mood suits you, but more times then not, you will just move onto something different if a toy is taken from you by one of the little boys.  Your quiet demeanor makes you a pleasant content baby most of the time, but also makes for frustrated pictures as the smiles aren't just given out (unless your daddy is spinning you around in the air).
Despite your stoic manner, your are definitely a happy content baby.  You jibber jabber along with brother as he tells you the finer points of his cars and tractors, and you love sharing your bedroom with a rambunctious toddler.  You have grown quite used to having another little human with you at almost all times, which is good since another little one will be joining us in a few months.  I have know doubt that you will easily adjust to life with another baby because that is just who you are.  We love our little girl so much, and feel so complete with you in our home!
 watching the world around you at the pumpkin patch
So many pictures like this "no smiles"