Wednesday, July 3, 2013


*I've had a lot of catch up to do since being out of town including little miss turning half a year old*

It's true Miss're half a year old...a whole 6 months since you came into our little world.  Daddy mentioned last night, that you were the perfect size (meaning you're at such a fun age).  You interact and smile so much, but your world is still so small that it doesn't overwhelm us yet.  There are lots of days when your brother just plain wears us out because he's so busy and defiant.  But you, well you're as sweet and as easy as they come.
At 6 months, you have mastered the roll, and have been rolling every which way for weeks now.  I no longer swaddle you at night, and you have figured out how to sleep in whatever position you end up in.    As far as sleep, you are still pretty amazing.  You go down around 7 and sleep until about 4 and then eat, and back to sleep until about 7:30.  We have some nights where you'll sleep the whole night until 7, and others when you'll wake up around 2 to eat, but overall, you are wonderful!
Eating is another matter.  Whatever the reason, you don't really like baby food all that much, and forget about taking a bottle or sippy cup.  I have discovered that you would much rather eat the food on mommy and daddy's plate then mushed peas or green beans.  Your favorites so far are watermelon, and bread and gravy.  You absolutely refused peas and broccoli...go figure.  We will see what other foods we can manage to get you to try
Our next big milestone to master is sitting, and you're doing pretty good.  You still need to have something behind you just in case, but you are getting there.
Happy 6 months beautiful girl, we LOVE you!
Rolling and drooling...two things you do really well.

Falling asleep wherever you're at.

You started out in the middle of the blanket and rolled your way towards the kitchen.

Eating on your baby food for you.

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