Monday, January 12, 2015


Our little Miss Meg turned two on December 27th.  I often reflect back on her birth, and how incredibly uneventful it was (in the best possible way).  Her birth was the calmest and best out of all three of my babies.  It was like one moment she wasn't there and then she was.  My very first thought about Meg was that she had her daddy's lips.  It was a distinct trait that I immediately picked out, but having been in our lives for 2 years, I can definitely say she has a lot more of her daddy in her then me.  She is spunky and stubborn, a quick problem solver, and an observer of the world.
 She is a girly girl who loves shoes, dress up, and butterfly bows in her hair.
 Grandma and Grandpa Hoffman sent her dress ups for Christmas, and she latched onto the shoes of course.  The morning of her birthday, just like ever other morning,  she had to put them on first thing.
despite being sick, she was still smiling.
She talks a lot and gives her opinion freely.  One of the most common phrases heard in our house is, "I no want that." and "I all done."  the only thing she does more then talking is whining.  It's the sad truth, but this girl knows how to whine.  I'm hoping she'll grow out of some of that this year.
favorite birthday gifts were her purple boots, and doll stroller for her baby gigi.
Meg definitely is a force in our lives, and we love all of her energy and love that she brings with her. Her smiles, kisses, and hugs are freely given, and we can't believe how lucky we are to have her as a part of our family.  we love you Miss Meg!!!
after digging into her cake

.wrapping up December.

I should have done this weeks ago, but it hasn't been one of my highest priorities as of late.  On a good day I feel like I can barley keep my head above water taking care of three young ones, but December and January are especially busy and tend to overwhelm with three birthdays and Christmas and New's quite a full two months.

We kicked off December with our ward Christmas breakfast.  It was a special event, because for the first time Finn was absolutely stoked about Santa.  He hopped right up and told him exactly what he wanted.  It was nice to see him so social and excited about the whole thing.  Meg sat on his lap but gave him the stink eye the whole time.  I can't blame her really.

At the beginning of December, we took advantage of the unusually mild weather and went to the zoo with Finn's buddy Lilly.  I have to say it was the most enjoyable zoo visit we have ever had.  It was warm enough just for jackets, but NOBODY was there.  I could let the kids run off and pretty much do as they pleased and not worry about them.  And we could sit and watch any of the animals as long as we wanted without other people getting in the way or blocking our view.  Seriously the best visit!

Lilly, Finn, and Meg in the Eagles nest...they wanted pictures with every animal statue they could find...another first.
On the 11th I turned 33...what?!?!?  That still seems strange to me like I'm perpetually stuck at 28 or something.  Lots of love was shown to me from family and friends.  I especially loved the sunrise that morning.  What a beautiful gift from God!

We usually try to make it down to Temple square to see the lights, but it seemed this year we just couldn't make it happen.  So instead we opted for a closer trip to see the Tree of Life in Draper.  It was a beautiful tree, and there was lots of space for the kids to run around and have fun without loosing them in the masses of people.  The picture doesn't do it justice!

Finn had a preschool Christmas party were they sang songs, made candy canes, and had a surprise visit from Santa.  
 It was funny because for awhile he sang the songs, but then became moody and didn't want to participate in anything, but as soon as Santa came in, he lit right up and sang and smiled.
I especially loved the part where he told santa that he had come to his church.  Such a cute little boy!  (also can you tell that he loves that shirt.  Both times he saw santa he was wearing it)

Two days before Christmas the infamous flu of 2014 struck.  Both Meg and Finn started running high fevers, and I just lost all of my holiday spirit.  Sick kids are bad, but sick kids for Christmas are the worst.  I was hoping that by some miracle they would be well by Christmas, but it wasn't meant to be.  We spent Christmas Eve at home instead of with my family doing our traditional Nativity.   I was so bummed about it, but my sister Angie helped lift my mood by bringing us soup and hot bread.  That simple act meant so much to me, and helped me feel the Christmas spirit despite the sickness I was surrounded by.
The only one who seemed unaffected by it all was Eisley.  This is the ONLY picture I got of Christmas morning so that gives you some indication of how the morning went down.  Despite the sick kids we did have a nice Christmas day.  Roy got up early and made a fire in the fireplace, and we had a little time with just the two of us because the kids slept in.  We watched the snow falling outside while we opened our stockings, and it was a peaceful moment that made the day feel special.   After breakfast and a healthy dose of children's ibuprofen, we had Christmas dinner over at my family's house.  It was nice to get out of the house and be around those we love.

The day after Christmas I was out sick in bed for the entire day.  I felt so terrible that Roy had to spend his vacation looking after me and two sick kids, and a baby, but I'm also so grateful that he was there, because I couldn't have done it without him.  By the next day I was feeling a bit better so I took Meg to pick out her cake for her birthday.  That night we had a small celebration with just us since we were still a house of plague.

Finn (who I thought was feeling better by day 5) had fallen asleep on living room floor and was out for the whole cake and candles so it was just Roy and I singing to our sweet sick 2 year old.  Finn went to bed that night with a fever of 103 and Meg woke the next day with a 104 temperature.  It took 6 whole days of HIGH fevers to get this bug out of our systems.  But we are all on the mend and looking forward to a healthier January!

Even though a good portion of our month was spent being sick, it was still a great month filled with lots of happiness and goodness too.  We were shown so much love, and blessed by our friends and family, that it was impossible not to feel Gods love for us!