Monday, December 15, 2014


Happy 8 months little Eisley,
It's been the start of another crazy month.  You will be celebrating you first Christmas at the end of the month, and even though you won't remember a thing, it will be magical to have you here with us!
This past month you have really put on some weight.  You are up to 15 pounds, and you feel every ounce of it.  I've taken to just taking you out of the car seat when we go inside anywhere since it has become to heavy too take you in the seat.
You have figured out that sitting up is a pretty neat trick, and allows you to see all the craziness that is happening with your brother and sister.  I still don't dare leave you unattended on the floor as that is a prime location for sister to sit and play on you (I can't get her to stop that).  Despite Meg's aggressive playing, she is your favorite, and will regularly get you to laugh and smile.  I think she's pretty enamored by you!
Hello world!!
You still haven't popped any teeth out, which is not unusual for us.  Both of your older siblings didn't get their first teeth until they were closer to 1.  Not having teeth doesn't slow you down when it comes to eating.  You take a great interest in eating anything off my plate that you can.  I think you've discovered there is a whole world of taste outside of mashed vegetables and fruit, and want all you can get.
You stopped nursing all together last month, after fighting me for several weeks, so now your a bottle only kind of girl.  In some ways it's been nice, but I must admit, I miss our little moments of just us.

We look forward to all the memories we are going to make with you as you continue to grow.  You are beyond special in our world, and you make everything better by just being you!
pure happiness!

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