Monday, May 5, 2014


This is my third time doing a month to month recap for the first year.  I love doing this and printing my version of a baby book at the end of the year.  I won't lie Eisley, we've been REALLY busy, so busy that I almost didn't realize you were already a month old.  We've brought home our first preemie, sold our house, and bought a house...all in the space of about 4 weeks. Even though I feel quite overwhelmed, stressed out, and exhausted, I know that this was what we wanted and I'm trusting in God's timing of it all.

In your first month of life little Eisley, you've learned how to breath without oxygen, fully nurse, and sleep through any noise your two older siblings manage to make.  I absolutely love this stage where you smell like sweet milk (only mothers can appreciate that smell) and sleep in any position I put you in.

I wish I could take you in more, but with just how busy life is and with two other children, it's just not a reality right now.  But in the wee hours of the morning, I nuzzle your neck, kiss your soft newborn cheeks, stroke you dark hair, and smell your sweet breath.  These are "our" moments, when nobody else is awake and I can just take it all in.  It's funny because with my first baby, I just hated the late night feedings...I would stress just thinking about them, but now they are precious quiet moments that I appreciate because I realize how fleeting they are.

You are such a precious addition to our family Eisley, and we feel a honored to call you ours!


Hayley said...

she is so sweet. darling pictures!

ANG said...

great pics!

Ilean said...

made me cry--remembering holding you and my others--late at night and loving being a mother. Love you Beth and love watching you be a mother. You're doing such a wonderful job.