Wednesday, November 4, 2015

.getting away from me.

How is it already November?  October completely got away from me, so it should be an epic post seeing as we had a very busy month.

It has seriously been a magical month for the little dudes.  They got to see their first circus, when we scored on VIP tickets from a friend.  It was a late evening so we left E with my nieces, and rode the train down town.  They would have been totally satisfied with that...the circus was just the icing on the cake.
There was a lot of open mouthed stares the whole night.
 And we seriously had the best seats in the house.
 It was a mind blowing experience for these two (pay no attention to Finn's googly eyes in the picture).

Finn and I stayed up late one night and watched the blood moon rise.  We have some much fun with him now that he is older and understands somewhat the goings on around him.  And he is silly as all get out!

Of course we ventured out to a pumpkin patch to grab a cookie, some hot cider, and of course some gourds.  Since we had grown some warty ones in our garden, we only selected two for carving this year, but with Finn and Roy picking of course they were giant.
It didn't feel much like fall as it was nearly 80 degrees outside, but E didn't seem to mind.

We made it up to the mountains to see some of the fall leaves, and hiked one of my favorite hikes.  Hiking with three young kids takes a bit of work, but Finn managed pretty well, and miss M got a ride most of the way up and down on me so all in all not bad.
 I love this place and except for the ducks that we fed, we had it all to ourselves.

 trying to take a selfie with three littles...not really easy to do.
 This is the best way I know to get into fall.
E had her 18 month check up and finally made onto the charts in height and weight.  We are also excited to see what a daily dose of miralax will do for our babe with a slow track!
 She discovered the tomato patch in the garden and decided that the little red fruit was actually to her liking.  YAY, one of my kids will eat tomatoes!!!

I could be wrong, but I like to think that E makes this kissy lips because she has such big teeth.

 On another very warm Autumn day, we made a trip over to Gardener Village with our cousins to see the witches...along with the rest of the valley it seemed like.  Mostly, the kids liked the ducks, fish, and the carmel apple we split.

 October also welcomed our newest family member.  Little Maven (Mae) Sullivan is wonderful chubby addition, and Meg keeps asking when we can go see "baby Maben" again!

Of course our month ended with all the magic that Halloween can bring.  Finn was stoked about his Wall-E costume (which was an absolute labor of love), and was all smiles at his preschool parade.
 We carved our pumpkins a couple of nights before.  Finn really enjoyed using daddy's drill to his hearts content on his giant gourd.
 The night of Halloween we got together with family for a Halloween feast before we embarked on trick-or-treating.
We had poisened apple fondu, deviled eggs, bats wings, mummy dogs, mildew balls, eyeball grapes, and all sorts of other yummy goodies.

E was being a bit of a stinker that night so I didn't get a chance to get all the kids in their costumes, but here are the girls in all their glory.  Pumpkin fairy, and Belle (of course)
 Trick-or-Treating was pretty much as good as we could have hoped for.  Meg and Finn were full of candy motivation, and ran from door to door with their buddies in eager haste to get more.  As we were moving along, I noticed Meg was being burdened down by her treat bucket.  I asked her if she would like me to hold it for her.  She just kept running as said, "no mom, I need to get more!"  She most definitely has Halloween figured out.  Having children makes holidays awesome!
After our epic haul of trick-or-treating goodies, we spent Sunday recovering and relaxing.  The girls especially love watching videos with daddy.